Closure Update, 1/24/12

8:00 am – I have not received any information yet this morning, but was informed by Colin Jones, PIO for Cal-Trans, District 5, last night that the geologists and climbing crew would be on-site today, climbing to the top to check out the conditions up there and making an assessment re: safety and clean-up. Considering what that entails, I do not anticipate any significant up-date until that is completed, sometime late this afternoon. As soon as I get word, I will post here, and to FB, for those who prefer social media. Also note that on the links to the right, under La Niña, 2011-2012, I have added the District 5 FB page, so you can follow them, if you choose, also.

For those of you needing to get through or to the area, and not familiar with the detours, I suggest 101 to 68 and across to Highway One, where you can either go north to Santa Cruz, or south to Big Sur. Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. is a narrow, winding road, not recommended for those in RVs or for the faint-of-heart.

2 thoughts on “Closure Update, 1/24/12

  1. Thanks toujours for your splendid updates, Kate. Even with internet errata I always wait for your postings. So sorry for the beautious coastal road, and it’s population. And just when it looked safe to jump on the highway…..

  2. Thanks for the news, Kate. Can you tell us how far up highway one north of Cambria are the BIg Sur businesses accessible? Where exactly are they stopping north bound traffic? We want to be sure the most northern parts that can be reached, are supported. Thanks again!

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