Photo Contest Finalists

FINALLY, the long awaited photo contest final 10. Thank you, all, for your patience, particularly those photographers who entered their work!

I am beginning to think this contest is cursed. I tried all night to get the other 5 uploaded, but no luck. So no voting until I get the the other 5 up, and it looks like, based on the behavior of wordpress, it will have to be in a separate post. I’ll try again tomorrow, and I’ll let you know when voting opens.











Wildbird Fire Photos

All photos by Wally Barnick. And if this works, photo contest finalists will go up tonight!

BSVFD Equipment at Wild Bird, by Wally Barnick
Wildbird Fire by Wally Barnick

While I am finally able to successfully post photos, it is taking for-ever, which is why, Wally, I only posted 2 of the 4 you sent.

And here is one of what it looked like the next day, by Dan Danbom

Widbird by Dan Danbom