Photo Contest Finalists

FINALLY, the long awaited photo contest final 10. Thank you, all, for your patience, particularly those photographers who entered their work!

I am beginning to think this contest is cursed. I tried all night to get the other 5 uploaded, but no luck. So no voting until I get the the other 5 up, and it looks like, based on the behavior of wordpress, it will have to be in a separate post. I’ll try again tomorrow, and I’ll let you know when voting opens.











14 thoughts on “Photo Contest Finalists

  1. as the Beatles said … ‘Number Nine’

    Tanks to you, Kate, for doin’ this … am inspired to submit some SUR pics next year.


  2. Did I miss the place to cast a vote, do not see it, I vote for #2. Happy New Year Kate. Thanks for picking up my neighbor Peter when he was stranded on your road a couple of weeks back. He got home safe because of you.

  3. I patiently awake the other 5. I can tell this is going to be very hard to decide! I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather!

  4. Now that I see them all I like #10 very much although #2 and #6 would look amazing as a header too. They are all magnificent!

  5. I’m not getting who ‘s took photos, but some are much much older ,so I’m voting for # 10 -by LSD

  6. I had to vote for #10 as well, Neil. Great photo by a great photographer, LSD, and we know where it was taken, Timber Top.

  7. I couldn’t find the place to vote for the photo finalists, but I vote for number 5 – it’s a beauty!!

  8. to vote for your choice, once you’ve scrolled through the finalist photos, scroll up a bit to the voting section. Click on the one you like and then click on “vote” below and you’ve done it. Some gorgeous photos from everyone!

  9. oops, forgot one more thing, I learned to go back to the logo up on top, click a couple of times and it seems to “refresh” the page to show the voting page when you scroll down.

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