Current and Future Road Conditions, 1/29/12

Sorry, I’m a bit behind on reporting on current road conditions as the internet has not been cooperating. No predictions, this time. The GBS crew is now working on getting the wire “drapery” up, using their crane, and will continue to work on it through the weekend. Still no definitive answer about when the road will be open to traffic.

These are a couple photos Cal-Trans sent out to all news media Thursday and Friday. Together, they provide a good perspective of what Cal-Trans has been up against.

From looking at exactly where this slide happened – the rock shed they are building would not have prevented this closure, as it was south of the rock shed. Cal-Trans may want to consider extending the shed southward, which would require another bid, and another year or more of construction and one-lane passage. Probably not a bad idea, frankly, given the instability of this particular area. We have had to deal with Rain Rocks for decades, and were glad to see the rock-shed proposal move forward, despite the two years of construction.

A visual with field glasses from Plaskett by Rock Knocker reveals that all the material has been removed from the road, the crane has been moved, so maybe it WILL be open for tomorrow. The CHP website confirms this “possibility” with the following:


Photo courtesy Cal-Trans

Photo courtesy of Cal-Trans