Hang Em High Part 3

Hi everyone. Avis here with the last installment of my experience 172′ in the air, in a basket, above the Pitkin Curve bridge & rock shed job.

This time I will focus on the rock shed. An amazing feat of man and machine working to alter the flow of “Mother Nature”

Common in Europe for avalanche diversion from mountain roads, this is the very first Rock Shed ever built in the United States. I think when this job is done, it will be an historical icon for highway 1 that will rival the Bixby Bridge. The rock shed looks a lot like a tunnel. It has two sides, a roof and is open on both ends. As you will see through these pics,  it’s a massive amount of concrete designed to force the rocks that fall to land on the roof of the shed then down to the beach.

That rock face they are working in front of is called “Rain Rock”. It has literally rained down tons and tons of rocks over the years.  Many times closing the road for weeks at a time. Not to mention the thousands of flat tires it used to cause.

As you drive through the rock shed, on the ocean side of the road it will have arch shaped windows to enjoy the view from. I can’t wait to take some pics from inside looking out.

Building the forms for the columns
Inside the column before the concrete is poured
All the sides are on. Now it's time to pour the concrete
After the concrete is poured in the center they now build the top of the column
The base of the columns formed now it's time for....
Building the walls between the columns. These guys are literally hanging off the edge.
From the basket view you can see how it all comes together. Including the finished walls on the other side of the road.
Heres a view you don't get to see every day. I had them lower the basket to get a below the rock shed view.

Well that’s it for now. The job supervisor said very soon they will be putting up the archway window sides and the top to the rock shed. And I get to go up again when that happens. Yay!! Should be some cool shots with the bridge and rock shed done.

Thanks for the venue to post this Kate. And thank you to all of your readers for all their kind comments.

Kate told me to post the link to my online photo gallery. A work in progress.