Wildbird Fire Photos

All photos by Wally Barnick. And if this works, photo contest finalists will go up tonight!

BSVFD Equipment at Wild Bird, by Wally Barnick
Wildbird Fire by Wally Barnick

While I am finally able to successfully post photos, it is taking for-ever, which is why, Wally, I only posted 2 of the 4 you sent.

And here is one of what it looked like the next day, by Dan Danbom

Widbird by Dan Danbom

4 thoughts on “Wildbird Fire Photos

  1. Thanks for these and thanks for going through all of what you are doing for the photo contest, you are awesome!


  2. Bravo on the spot Wally, and Kate for keeping the local electric currents at least air borne between residents if not feeding your computer. It’s a thrill to have access to your wilderness reporting. Hope everyone comes to visit my new Hawks Perch gallery at the Farm Center in mid-valley. It’s fabulous, lots of new paintings, sales and portrait commissions beginning to boom, beautiful neighborhood with meadows and Carmel River, Buddhist temple, and the laundromat! close by (which Wally & Nola loved). I’m around the corner from Safeway on Robinson Canyon Road. The dust is finally settling and I’ll be popping back to see Big Sur environs and friends soon. Hope to see you Kate, next visit.

  3. does anyone know who was staying there when the fire started? i heard rumor it was v. p.

  4. It was definitly Leo d.C. with friends, who tried to light a wood fire in the gas-powered open fireplace ….

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