Fire at Wildbird

Just speculation about how it started, but originally thought to be a chimney fire, but BSVFB, upon arriving, thought it was more than that. Carmel and Carmel Highlands are on their way to assist BSVFB with this, but I would imagine, traffic will be an issue on this stretch of Highway One. For those of you not familiar with Wildbird, it is Margaret Owing’s old place.

5 thoughts on “Fire at Wildbird

  1. Yes Our Engine 6415 from Carmel responded about 40 ago from Carmel. good luck and safe fire suppression to all the responders.


  2. The fires out and most of the firetrucks have left the scene. The cause is still up in air.
    Traffic never backed up which is good.

  3. Apparently whomever (Leo) was at the wild bird at the time of the fire is above everyone else and won’t talk to investigators. Those statements could potentially prevent another fire in the future. I surmise that some people are just self important.

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