I’m back

The holidays, for me, were full of joy and friendship. It was also, beyond hectic – they were chaotic, in many ways, so sorry I haven’t been around to wish you all a Happy New Year, so a day late, and several dollars short, I wish that 2012 brings you joy, peace and love.

Our weather has been remarkable, a very dry December, and temperatures that are defin

I tried again several times over the holidays to upload the photos for voting for the photo contest, and I am just not having any luck at all! I don’t know what is going on.

5 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Coming back at you Big Sur Kate! It’s amazing that even in this beautiful area of country, we get way too busy just like the city folks!

    But hey, I’m breathing a sigh of Ahhhhh now, Happy New Year!

    Jane, Capitola area

  2. Obviously the photo gods wanted you to relax a bit over the holidays and just enjoy the reality of The Now rather than pictures of it. If you have done so you should now have no trouble with your uploads. Proceed 🙂

  3. Spent Christmas over on Alms, and weather was Perfect. Sent grateful thoughts your way as we passed over the ridge, for all your efforts this year. Thank you Kate

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