Controlled Burn on El Sur Ranch

From CPOA:

Local Controlled Burn Alert!

If weather conditions permit, there will be a controlled burn conducted on the southern property line of El Sur Ranch adjacent Andrew Molera State Park on the east side of Highway 1.

The burn is scheduled to begin the morning of either Wednesday, October 16th or Friday, October 18th.

This will be a “black line burn” of approximately 10 acres, the purpose of which is to clear hazardous fuels in preparation of an as yet unscheduled controlled burn on State Park property.

As of this writing, it is believed that members of the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, Cal-Fire, US Forest Service and personnel from North Tree Fire will be on standby and managing the operation. Signs will be up notifying the public.

Also, you may have noticed the 2d Ft. Ord controlled burn today.