Fire Relief Efforts


If you have housing, personal services, help with clean-up or the like, I personally recommend you to our local CERT chapter:Big Sur Cert and list them there. This site is tried and true, having been set up during the Basin Fire 5 years ago, and re-activated during any and all emergencies. If you wish to donate money, I recommend our local Coast Property Association again, they are tried and true and their Board of Directors has always worked tirelessly to help our own. They are efficient, organized, and help all deserving individuals and families. 100% of the money they raise goes to the sur-vivers. Beware of organizations or even the occasional individual with their own agenda. (Neither of the organizations listed below are included in that warning. The organization of the,efforts of both organizations Re spearheaded by highly respected locals, Sharen Carey and Ken Wright, respectively.)

About relief funds: Posted by Sharen Carey
I have seen a number of postings regarding different funds for different individuals affected by the Big Sur Fire. While our hearts and prayers go out to each and every one of these people/families, I find it counter-productive to have multiple funds popping up. We ALL want to help those affected by the fire – and there are many, each with a personal and heart-wrenching story.

CPOA (Coast Property Owners Association) is collecting donations which will be pooled and distributed in the form of grants to those in need of assistance in the rebuilding effort. This organization has the list of ALL affected by the fire and will be distributing funds where needed.
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For those who prefer to personally drop off donations of cash or checks, Big Sur Health Center will collect and pass funds on to CPOA.

Having one organization collect and distribute funds will consolidate donation efforts and enable the distribution of funds in an equitable manner to all those in need. Certainly, you can request that your donation be used in support of a specific person or family, if you wish, but, in my humble opinion, we are all in this together and we need to coordinate our efforts in the best interest of all.

On behalf of everyone at Big Sur Health Center, I applaud the generosity of this community and I hope that effort, in some small way, will give comfort to those who have experienced loss in this fire. Our hearts go out to you all.

Donations can be made to

Monterey County, California — The Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) has created The Big Sur Fire Fund to assist the Big Sur community in recovery efforts from the 2013 Pfeiffer Ridge Fire. Donations to this fund will provide support in the aftermath of the fire. Grants from the fund will be distributed to nonprofit agencies assisting individuals and organizations to meet needs as they arise.

“This is one of the most significant events to impact Monterey County in recent years. The fund at the CFMC will provide support to the Big Sur community,” said Dan Baldwin, CFMC President/CEO.

The CFMC has seeded the fund with a $10,000 grant and has waived all administrative fees so 100% of donations will be used for grantmaking. The funds will be used to make grants to agencies providing emergency assistance, health and wellness, and equipment, among other needs. The fund will provide a trusted repository for philanthropic assets to be directed specifically for this purpose.

Those wishing to contribute to the fund can visit, mail a check to the Community Foundation for Monterey County, 2354 Garden Road, Monterey, CA, 93940 “Attention: Big Sur Fire Fund,” or call 831.375.9712 Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:00 PM.