Report of Fire above HML, South side of Graves Canyon

7/1 6:30 am update – fire kept to 4/10ths of an acre per LPF. Good job, everyone! Big Sur thanks you!

7:30 Nepenthes weather cam available here: Weather cam

06/30/2015 18:16 LPF-1837

Stoneridge Wildfire 48603 Hwy 1 near the Henry Miller Library and Nepenthe . BC12LPF DIV1LPF E15PNF E17LPF E18LPF PAT18LPF Q . . . 36.224 x 121.753

7:00 Confirmed. BSVFB and Cal Fire on site. Another report says LPF is also on site. Reports are 2 acres.

Photo from Stone Ridge by Joyce Duffy.

6:30 pm Just came in 15 mins ago. Have not been able to confirm. RP says Cal Fire on scene. Note: this is not showing up on CHP or WildCAD. 

Also CHP reports brush fire on SB 41 and car fire in SLO. Bound to happen with these temps.