Hang glider accident

I got notification from a friend who follows the police/fire radio traffic about 3:00 pm, of a hang glider accident. Details are sketchy, but it could be a serious non-fatal accident. Rock Knocker was up here, and we were listening for the helicopter which had been dispatched, but hadn’t heard it. I asked him to call if he saw or heard anything as he made his way down my road.

He saw the helicopter from down near the bottom of Plaskett, and got out his field glasses so he could more accurately report what was happening. he watched the helicopter hover about 1000 ft above Pacific Valley Center for several minutes, at about 4:34, saw three trucks by the South Forty of Pacific Valley Center, one a USFS truck, probably Engine 17, then watched the helicopter take off with a litter hanging below. It landed across the highway from the Pacific Valley Ranger Station at 4:40 pm. The injury reported over the airwaves was serious. I will report more if I hear more. We don’t know if the glider is local or not. I have been informed, but cannot confirm, that it was not a local hang glider.