Branch Fire, SLO Co.

8:00 pm – 300-400 acres

7:00 pm – 150 acres

6:15 pm – update from A/A 07…..25 to 30 rapid rate of spread in grass an brush heading south….Forest service is sending equipment in also

6:00 pm – There is a new start at Branch Mountain Rd and Highway 58. It is 10-20 acres with the potential to go large. These resources are on their way …B3415, A/A 07, T 74, E43, 4694, 3460, 3476, 3466, 3472, med engine 40, D 3442, WT 43, Cuesta 1,2, an 3. Also heard a request for two more tankers.

Meanwhile, the Powerhouse Fire in So Cal near Lake Hughes just icecapped. That means there was a blow-up, in heavy brush. Icecapping is quite a sight, and once you’ve seen it, you will never forget. I have seen it up here. Major evacuations going on there. This fire started yesterday, but got a major push due to heat, low humidity and winds.

Here is what ice capping looks like. See that white cloud-like fluff?


Soda Fire in SLO Co

SUNDAY UPDATE: It looks as if this one (Soda Fire) is under control as some resources are being sent home this morning. I also have been following the Figueroa Fire in the LPNF, Santa Barbara area, and while a bit bigger than the Soda Fire, it too is heading toward containment. “6 AM report 692 acres 30% containment. temp today 95 with low humidity.” Fire Camp for the Figueroa Fire is at the Rodeo Grounds in Santa Maria.

7:00 pm – containment listed at 10% at 6 pm on the incident page. Our guys from PV Station were sent over on this one, also.

6:00 pm – fire at 500 acres with no containment. IC tried to order up T 74 and T 75 which just returned from down south to base at Paso, but resource declined. Probably turn around time. Two more strike teams ordered for engines and 2 more strike team hand crews.

Fire started about an hour ago (3 pm) out on 58 originally reported to be near Santa Margarita Lake, but changed to Soda Lake Rd. A reader who has been watching the fire places it near California Valley. It is already up to 200 acres. Lots of resources, tankers, two strike teams, air attack, dozers, and all. Started as a structure fire and spread to the grass. I am keeping an eye on it. Can’t see smoke from here, at this point, but might be able to see it from the top of my property.It is on both sides of highway 58, and within a mile of a 500KW transmission line, heading into the Temblor Mountain Range.