Branch Fire, SLO Co.

8:00 pm – 300-400 acres

7:00 pm – 150 acres

6:15 pm – update from A/A 07…..25 to 30 rapid rate of spread in grass an brush heading south….Forest service is sending equipment in also

6:00 pm – There is a new start at Branch Mountain Rd and Highway 58. It is 10-20 acres with the potential to go large. These resources are on their way …B3415, A/A 07, T 74, E43, 4694, 3460, 3476, 3466, 3472, med engine 40, D 3442, WT 43, Cuesta 1,2, an 3. Also heard a request for two more tankers.

Meanwhile, the Powerhouse Fire in So Cal near Lake Hughes just icecapped. That means there was a blow-up, in heavy brush. Icecapping is quite a sight, and once you’ve seen it, you will never forget. I have seen it up here. Major evacuations going on there. This fire started yesterday, but got a major push due to heat, low humidity and winds.

Here is what ice capping looks like. See that white cloud-like fluff?


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  1. Thanks for the info Kate. Luke’s on the Powerhouse Fire. I think he’s been on 4 or 5 at least already this year. Prayers going out to all the Firefighters Tonight & until that get all of them under control. Stay safe out there you guys!!

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