Nepenthe Fire Photos 12/2/11

If all goes well, and it hasn’t so far, I have 4 or 5 photographs of yesterday’s fire sent in by readers, showing different points of view. Quite fascinating to see the fire from different perspectives. Okay, it has been a couple hours, unknown what the problem is, as I have 4 bars, but can’t surf the internet. I’ll get them up when I can.

First, here WILL BE two from Wally Barnick of Coast Outfitters, and one from Sander Koning, of Nepenthe, and one from Joshua Gallo Hernandez, of Ventana – WHEN this blasted internet gremlin moves somewhere else!

Nepenthe Fire by Wally Barnick (12/2/11)
Nepenthe Fire #2 by Wally Barnick (12/2/11)
Nepenthe Fire by Sander Koning (12/2/11)
Nepenthe Fire by Joshua Gallo Hernandez (12/2/11)