Nepenthe Fire Photos 12/2/11

If all goes well, and it hasn’t so far, I have 4 or 5 photographs of yesterday’s fire sent in by readers, showing different points of view. Quite fascinating to see the fire from different perspectives. Okay, it has been a couple hours, unknown what the problem is, as I have 4 bars, but can’t surf the internet. I’ll get them up when I can.

First, here WILL BE two from Wally Barnick of Coast Outfitters, and one from Sander Koning, of Nepenthe, and one from Joshua Gallo Hernandez, of Ventana – WHEN this blasted internet gremlin moves somewhere else!

Nepenthe Fire by Wally Barnick (12/2/11)
Nepenthe Fire #2 by Wally Barnick (12/2/11)
Nepenthe Fire by Sander Koning (12/2/11)
Nepenthe Fire by Joshua Gallo Hernandez (12/2/11)

9 thoughts on “Nepenthe Fire Photos 12/2/11

  1. Neither do I, but I like the new snowflake background. There is only a youtube advertisement Kate.

  2. I know the photos have not loaded yet. I’ve been trying for 3 hours, but decided my frustration level demanded a relaxing soak in a hot bath, and then I’ll come back and try again.

  3. Holy Sh*t! I hope the driver was ok. Anyone know how it started? Is that the hillside up to the Hawthorne’s directly across from Nepenthe? Once again I skated and missed the inconvenience by coming back late from town!

  4. thanks kate-got home late 12/3,power back on,been out since 4pm 11/30 -but do belive the ole tele phone, since 3pm 12/2-is not working for this fire burned the 500? pair wire – at orgin of fire-I called ATT repair-does anyone else have dead phone line?-some of us can’t get “cell service when home”–but then again -I think -damn I miss Marty—l

  5. They’re all up now Kate, good job. Great job to all for such a speedy response. This fire could have been a real disaster. Did the driver get out ok?

  6. I never heard anything about the driver of the truck, which tells me he or she was fine. As others have mentioned, we are VERY lucky this fire didn’t start 24-hours earlier. If it had been wind-driven, the fast action on the ground, the almost immediate air support, would have probably made little difference, and the whole story would have completely changed.

  7. Thank you so much for uploading Joshua’s picture! It means a lot to know that you are so in touch with the Big Sur community and reply as soon as you can….. It means a lot to us! And by the way grate job with the article it looks grate; Is there word of what happened with the passenger? Well where ever he/ she is our prayer go out to him/her and the family in these tough times.

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