Condor Christmas

Tonight, there was a special segment on the CBS Evening News on the endangered California Condor. From a low of 20 condors in the early 90’s, thanks to a breeding program at the LA and San Diego zoos, the population is up to 400. Of course, Big Sur was mentioned. Featured was the work by PG&E (supported by our local Blaze Engineering)to bury miles of electrical lines, bring in helicopters to assist. The cost? $4.2 million dollars, the most ever spent to protect an endangered species.

The California Condor, more than any other critter,symbolizes the Big Sur Coast. One more step to ensure its survival.

So, today, I call Condor Christmas. Maybe that shooting star many of us in Big Sur saw this morning at dawn was our reward for bringing this majestic bird back from the brink of extinction.