Hang “Em” High Part 2

Avis here again with more photos of the GSB bridge & rock shed project on highway 1.

I think in this post not only will I show shots of my trip up in the basket but I will show some on the job shots that give you a little bit of an idea in what it takes to build structures like this.

In this shot I am in the basket looking to the north towards the bridge. See that blue thing on the bridge? That is called a Form Traveler.

This shot was taken when the bridge still had a gap in it from the other side.

So here’s how it basically works. They put the Form Traveler in place. Build the walls and do all the welding and the re-bar work.

Run pipes for cables and such, and when they complete all they need to do, they pour the concrete.


When the concrete is poured and set they sand the surface down. And voila! Another section of the bridge is complete. They move the Form Traveler and start the process all over again.

That was the Readers Digest condensed version of all the steps and work that goes into this job. These guys work an extremely dangerous job. It’s long days of hard ass work. Not to mention they are hanging off the edge of a cliff.

I like this shot. It gives you the perspective of just how on the edge these guys are.

After touring the job site with the supervisor, I have a deep respect for the work they do and how complicated it is to build a bridge & rock shed on a highway that shouldn’t even be here.

On Monday Dec. 5th, they poured the final section in the bridge. It is now one solid piece. Not completed yet, but ladies & gents……..we have a bridge!

I have a few more images to share and will post again in a few days.