Hang “Em” High

Hi everyone. Avis here.

Last month I was invited by the job Supervisor from the bridge and rock shed construction that is on highway 1 near Limekiln State Park, to take my camera, climb in a basket attached to a crane, and be lifted 172′ into the air and out over the ocean, to get shots of the job site from an angle not many get to see.

It was amazing! I adorned my stylish hard hat and bright orange vest. Was put into a harness that was attached to the basket. In the basket with me was the foreman from the bridge job and at the crane stood the supervisor with the crane operator. Let me tell you…that crane operator was smooth like sweet flowing silk. And, I am told he is one of the best in the state of California. I believe it.

To start off this pictorial I’d like to show you an above the entire job shot image so you can get a grasp of how big this job is. They are building a bridge and a rock shed. The rock shed will be the first ever built in the United States. They are very common in Europe for avalanche and rock slide areas. I have no doubt that when this job is finished it will be a tourist attraction that will rival the Bixby Bridge.

Obviously in the center of the pic is the bridge being built. And the far left stand the columns for the rock shed. The crane  was on a platform on the ocean side of the columns. ( not pictured here)

And here I go…up up up & away…..

I especially like that you can see our shadow in the basket on the mountain.

I like this shot. It gives you the perspective of the height, you see the crane perched on that platform and the view isn’t  bad either.

The view looking south from 172 feet into the air out over the ocean.

I have more shots I will share. Including some of the actual phases of building the bridge and rock shed as the week progresses. That is in between the news Kate needs to report.

The final pour to connect the bridge will take place this Monday Dec. 5th. The bridge won’t be done but it will be all connected.

Hope you enjoyed the shots. More to come very soon!

10 thoughts on “Hang “Em” High

  1. Thanks Avis for sharing your great photos. That must have been a ride of a lifetime!

  2. Okay, I’ve been able to see the last two, thus far, and I can tell you, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. I am afraid of heights. But great shot of the crane! My stomach flutters just seeing it on my computer!

  3. Great shots! An experience of a lifetime! I hope they weren’t working the days of the windstorms!

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