BSK, checking in

Super Bowl Sunday, around noon, my systems went wacky. They are still not up to normal … even for up here in the wilderness, so I am writing from Cambria. While I have and had 4-5 bars, everything was connected, up and “running” – the phone didn’t ring, and people who tried to call were directed straight to voicemail, which then did not show up for 18 hours. I couldn’t get email, twitter, FB, OR TV. Wonderfully isolated from the world with my critters, a fire, and a book.

I have had a fire going constantly since Sunday morning – or was it Saturday? Time has not mattered. It stood still for me. I stayed warm and comfortable. This morning, heavy frost covered everything, causing the dogs to slip and slide as they escaped thru the front door. I had to go out in it to keep an eye on my blind dog as his now-absent scents could not guide him, but I stoked up the fire when we came back inside.

The photo below was taken Monday morning when SOME the clouds cleared for a few moments. Yes, snow at the higher elevations although I heard from a north-facing neighbor at 3000′ that they had snow. Not me.


If I don’t post tomorrow, know I am preparing for the next rounds of showers (varying reports on those) and keeping warm, puzzled by my systems.

BSK unplugged

I had an unexpected break for the last 24-36 hours: bigsurkate was completely unplugged … No email, no Internet, no TV – only my views from here on top. Nothing of any significance going on in the Tassajara Fire was visible, and nothing visible anywhere else for 50 miles or so, or I would have been on the horn with my co-administrator. When I finally got her email response to one I had sent blind, she let me know she is available, in case this happens again, and we need to get info out.

The Tassajara fire has grown very little and is now 15% contained. Much of the fuel that would have been feeding this fire was consumed in the Basin Complex Fire of 2008. So, despite temperatures, accessibility problems, and creek and wilderness issues, this is probably one of those “good” burns. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Life in the Wilds of Big Sur … What can I say?

I felt completely at odds for much of this time, but eventually, I surrendered to the goddess, and did other things today. tonight I can catch up on the 100 emails, the sites i visit each day for news and-information and all that jazz.

Tomorrow I have been invited to the Hermitage for a blessing Mass for the new prior, and then I might check out the new menu at Lucia. I will use this opportunity to get shots of the rock shed and bring you up-to-date on this incredible project. Hopefully, Sunday.

I did use some of today to organize some of my 4000 photos on my iPad …so when fire season is over, I’ll share some of my favorites. Enjoy your weekend.