Big Fat Moon, Cinco de Mayo, and Sam Farr…not necessarily in that order

What a glorious afternoon and evening!

Rock Knocker and I spent a few hours this afternoon at the wonderful home of Kenny and Mary Wright for Cinco de Mayo and a fund raiser for Sam Farr. Sam has a heartfelt connection to this coast, having been raised here, and it is evident whenever I see him here. His face lights up and he is clearly at peace.

He showed up in his truck with some small white PVC pipe. “Going to Point 16 from here?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. “I need to work in my garden to stay sane,” he answered. When I left, I congratulated him for keeping his balance with Mother Nature, considering the Washington politics he has to deal with.

Besides seeing Sam, and other wonderful people, like Helen Morganwrath, who came to Big Sur when I was 2 days old – which was a l-o-n-g time ago, and the Wright house, the other highlight of the afternoon was seeing Michael Jones, of Cachauga Store (i tried to inset a link, but was not successful, so see the links to the right, under odds ‘n ends) whom I consider a friend, even though we had never met before. We met on line during the Basin Fire, and I have followed his adventures (and misadventures) ever since. He and his crew catered the event, and oh, my what a treat THAT was! He is a gastronomical artiste. There is just no other way to describe him, unless one is describing his intellect or wit … Then lots of other adjectives come to mind. I love you, Michael, more than my solar panels, or almost, at least.

HipNic was also going on, and considering the HUGE numbers of cars parked at Fernwood and on the highway, this Fourth version seemed to be an amazing event. Maybe next year I will be so retired that I can attend some of those magical 3 days. I’d like that. Anneleise Agren of Coast Road ( also listed in my links under Odds ‘n Ends) offered me her second ticket, but with the solar system yesterday, the gathering at the Wright’s today, and a brief due Monday that I have to write tomorrow, there just wasn’t enough of me to go around! That’s why next year I will try to make it a priority.

Then, to top off the day, I climbed my mountain under the fatest moon of the year! Now, you tell me. Does it get any better than this?