Proposed Fraking Legislation in California

California 2014 Bills: Last Friday, February 21st, was the deadline for introducing 2014 bills in the California Legislature. Over 1,900 bills have been introduced this year and here is one of proposed new laws:

SB 1132 (Mitchell & Leno) – to amend Public Resources Code § 31670, and to add § § 3160.1 and 3160.2 to the PRC. This bill would require a Natural Resources Agency’s scientific study (deadline: 01/01/2015) on well stimulation treatments, acid well stimulation and hydraulic fracturing treatments, to consider additional elements, including, among other things, evaluating various potential direct, indirect, and cumulative health and environmental effects of onshore and offshore well stimulation and well stimulation treatment-related activities, as specified. Would also prohibit all well stimulation treatments until the Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency convenes a committee to review the scientific study, as specified, the Governor issues findings that specific measures are in place to ensure that well stimulation treatments do not pose a risk to, or impairment of, the public health and welfare or to the environmental and economic sustainability of the state, and, if applicable, those findings are affirmed by judicial review, as specified. Would also require the division to adopt a formal process to resolve any claims with respect to vested rights, as specified. Because a violation of the bill’s requirements would be a crime, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

Fracking Legislation in California

-Information only – please do not reply to this email-

You are receiving this message from the California Department of Conservation because you have asked to be kept informed about the development of regulations for the use of hydraulic fracturing in California for oil and natural gas production. We are no longer accepting comments on the “discussion draft” of regulations that were released last year.

The Department has posted new information about the enactment of Senate Bill 4, addressing well stimulation treatments, including hydraulic fracturing, and the ongoing creation of official draft regulations to implement that legislation at As soon the official draft regulations are released, the Department, through this Listserv, will announce a portal for the submission of public comments that will be part of the formal rulemaking process.

I believe the list serve one would sign up for is:


I am on the list and will post as soon as I am notified of the release of official draft legislation. Comments made on that will go into the official record.