Point Of Origin and South Coast Observations

Today I took a drive down coast from Crossroads to look at what could be seen from Highway 1. At Soberones Trail, near the point of origin the fire is still trying to work its way down to the highway. Engine companies are combining to pump water from the highway up to the fire burning on the south side of Soberanes Canyon. Firefighters are employing a progressive hose lay along freshly cut fire line.
There are a number of crews working together cutting line.
Of note is the presence of a California Conservation Corp or CCC fire crew. Since 2010 they have trained to respond to fires as Type 2 hand crews which allows them to work directly on the fire line. I watched them work up the mountain directly across the highway from Whale Peak. Below are some images of the CCC crew and other crews at the scene today.






Farther down the coast fire burning in the Little Sur River Canyon is working its way down canyon, trying to get to the highway. It has a way to go.


From Big Sur Bakery looking north you get a clear view of the dozer line painted with fire retardant that is literally a defensive line drawn of the sand. I don’t know the name of the ridge but surely locals know it on sight.