Big Sur Marathon this Sunday, 4/24/2016

Travelers are advised to avoid Highway One until after 1 pm, otherwise expect 2 hour delays. Caravan time are listed below, but if you cannot read them, go to: Big Sur International Marathon for additional information. Employee passes are, as usual, available at the Big Sur River Inn office.


Big Sur International Marathon

The leaders may have already made the finish line, and the road should be almost back to normal by around noon. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the runners! For any additional information, see the link under non-profits.

My son ran a couple years ago, and is running again next year.

Big Sur Marathon in one week

Just a reminder, the 24th Annual Big Sur International Marathon is a week from today, Sunday, April 26th. Highway One between the Deli/Post Office and Rio Rd. will be closed for the race. There are only 2 caravans going south, starting from Rio Rd. at 8:45 am and again at 11:00 am. There are 3 heading north, starting at 7:20 am at the starting line; 9:50 am at Point Sur; and 11:55 am at Palo Colorado. You can download the entire caravan schedule here: