MoCo OES Saturday Update #1

Good morning Everyone.
Distribution to CAO + Key MoCo staff, CPOA, Elected +Staff, MoCo Vol Leadership

Just finished an NWS Weather Briefing.

Timing of storm still on track. Heaviest rain starting late Saturday night into early Sunday morning.
Bull-eye of storm is still TBD, at least the full brunt of the storm is still fluctuating. Looks to be slightly north of MoCo we’ll still get plenty of rain and wind.
Winds this morning are gusting to 40 mph in Monterey and 46 in Big Sur, 21 in King City. Winds are forecast to be strong between 7a-10a Sunday at the same gust levels – 40+ mph.
Still anticipating 8-10″ of rain along the coast with 12-14″ in the higher elevations.
Tides – may it through high tide this morning without any reported incidents. High tide tomorrow at 7:22 a.m. and storm surge not consider to be a problem for MoCo. Tide will be at 6.45 feet with maybe a 1/2 foot storm surge.
Rain once it starts along the coast will be pretty steady and during the overnight hours is forecast to see rain rate of 1-1-1/2″ per hours for extended period.
There are some minor power outages; Carmel highlands – 56 people, Jamesburg – 28, PG 25
OES is monitoring all the time for any changes and will update as warranted. OES Duty Officer and Emergency Manager have been briefed.
I’ll continue to monitor and update as warranted.