Hot August Nights

8/11, 7:30 am – it is already 91 degrees. When it hits 100, I am going to fill the tub with cold water, climb in, and spend the day there.

10:00 pm update – found the fog! Enjoyed a cool day, or at least not hot. Temp here at 10 pm, is a “cool” 89 degrees!

One thing I must say about hunters: in my 18 years here, I cannot remember a single time when a hunter had an illegal campfire. That’s hundreds of hunters over the years, and not a single one. Kudos to all the hunters out there.

I woke at 5 am. It was too hot to sleep. I checked my temps. 84 degrees, both inside and out. At 5 am. I am going down the mountain, hoping to find some relief today. Hunting season opens tomorrow. Oh, joy! Bullets sparked the last Plaskett fire. That one was only 12 acres, thank goodness.