Heat Wave

Much of the state and the southwest is on alert for an extensive heat wave through the weekend and early next week. In the mountains of Big Sur, we are expecting 105-110 degrees. I went to Cambria today, for Farmer’s Market and heat relief. Monday I’ll be going to the vet in Morro Bay to get Gideon his summer haircut. Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be busy taking cold showers every 1/2 hour.

The weekend is the Nac music festival where it will be over 100 each day. There is a large pond for swimming, and I imagine it will get lots of use.

Okay, I’ll be back in a few days, after I’ve melted.

So, how hot is it?

It may be October 2nd, but we have been reaching record temperatures, every where … The coast is no longer my refuge. It hit 102 at Ventana Restaurant, yesterday, and 95 in the valley, at the State Park. It was over 105 up here, although I spent the day on the Peninsula, running errands. It was about the same today, although I was in Cayucos and Cambria, where it was also hot. I read that it is to cool down considerably tomorrow and the rest of the week. I would settle for it cooling down at night!

So, how hot has it been where you are?

Hot August Nights

8/11, 7:30 am – it is already 91 degrees. When it hits 100, I am going to fill the tub with cold water, climb in, and spend the day there.

10:00 pm update – found the fog! Enjoyed a cool day, or at least not hot. Temp here at 10 pm, is a “cool” 89 degrees!

One thing I must say about hunters: in my 18 years here, I cannot remember a single time when a hunter had an illegal campfire. That’s hundreds of hunters over the years, and not a single one. Kudos to all the hunters out there.

I woke at 5 am. It was too hot to sleep. I checked my temps. 84 degrees, both inside and out. At 5 am. I am going down the mountain, hoping to find some relief today. Hunting season opens tomorrow. Oh, joy! Bullets sparked the last Plaskett fire. That one was only 12 acres, thank goodness.