So, how hot is it?

It may be October 2nd, but we have been reaching record temperatures, every where … The coast is no longer my refuge. It hit 102 at Ventana Restaurant, yesterday, and 95 in the valley, at the State Park. It was over 105 up here, although I spent the day on the Peninsula, running errands. It was about the same today, although I was in Cayucos and Cambria, where it was also hot. I read that it is to cool down considerably tomorrow and the rest of the week. I would settle for it cooling down at night!

So, how hot has it been where you are?

3 thoughts on “So, how hot is it?

  1. I am in Sand City – around 80’s today and yesterday, and 50’s at night…

  2. ‘Twas 14 here in Burlington, ON.
    ‘N even nicer than that was last Saturday night – here we had The Full Moon in Full Force … ‘n on The Sur ?

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