Hunting Season

Well, I picked up my signs, new locks for the gates, and sometimes wonder why I bother? I go through this ritual all the time. Last time, “they” — who ever “they” were, just tore down all the “no trespassing” and “no hunting” signs I put up, sometimes, they shoot ’em up, first! I think I’ve bought 6 new locks, so far this year, at a cost of $20-$25 each. People like to break them off. I don’t know why, they cannot get through, and the dogs and I just chase them off, again. But still, something about a locked gate on “their” national forest just sets them off. I figure this is my “zen” practice — I look to Quan Yin to teach me compassion for people who have no sense, except one of “entitlement.”

And I can always tell when hunters are out and about, as they are today, because I can hear the gunfire, and even if I cannot, my dogs can. Dakota, the alpha female, has a terrible fear of gun shots, and hides at my feet whenever she can.

Oh, I guess deer hunting season is over on the 21st of this month. *Sigh* only 18 days left!!
Two new announcements on the announcement page. One regarding the memorial, and the second regarding a winter preparation workshop sponsored by CPOA.