Firefighters Mural

This is a preliminary sketch of the traveling thank-you mural Dave Allen, the art teacher at PUSD, and the students will be working on this year. Dave hopes to have this mural, once completed, travel to various venues for exhibition, and to make cards that can be sent to the firefighting units from all over the world who came to our aid. Even though Dave was in Idaho during the fires, he stayed very connected with his community, and became very involved in providing ideas and input. Thanks, Dave.

One thought on “Firefighters Mural

  1. Its a very beautiful sketch.

    I’m certain it will turn out fantastic with all the help of those talented students. KUDOS To David and the students, even before they start it.

    Kate… Is that the David Allen that was originally from Pacific Grove? If it is, I and Rob are old school friends of his.

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