“Behaving or likely to behave in a naughty or troublesome way, but in fun and not meaning serious harm.”

I came home from a quick run to Cambria to FedEX some thing for work. There were two hunters out, one on an ATV, another on foot. I got mischievous. I started honking my horn. I told the second hunter, “Maybe this will scare away the deer.” When I retire, I am going out every dawn and dusk to honk my horn along the entire area of the ridge. Not hurting anyone, and maybe creating a deer-safe area from hunters. Mischievous, that’s me. 😉

2 thoughts on “Mischievous

  1. Good for you Kate! Hunting is a way of life in Oregon. And while a good number of Western students really depend on that deer or elk for food (Oregon is consistently the “hungriest” state in the nation) a good many just like to shoot stuff, too. During huntin’ season the roads near us are littered with dead animals that have made a run for it across the highway and away from the “wildlife refuge” (major irony here) where they allow hunting. Heck, they even host a rabbit hunt in the “refuge” for people in wheelchairs (!!) – because apparently it’s everyone’s god given “right” to shoot anything that runs, hops, slithers, or limps. You are most welcome any time you feel like going up there to scare away all the critters! Saw a six point buck in the state park yesterday (whoaa! catch that hunting term there?). It just made my day. Fortunately no arrows were sticking out of it either.

  2. please be careful around those potentially very angry people with GUNS! I’m serious. ‘Specially when alcohol is added to the mix. Your make & color of vehicle will get to be well-known. ick.

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