Clueless in Big Sur, and other business …

Hunting season will end on Sunday, thankfully. I had to chase six hunters off my property last Saturday. Sadly, they did not speak English, and thus could not read the signs. The locked gate they went around should have been a clue, however. Clueless in Big Sur … ah, the title of a song, book, or other?

Several meetings coming up, so check the announcement page, if interested. New Cal-Trans project starting next week, check the Cal-Trans page for information, and finally, keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that this deadbeat state passes the elusive budget this afternoon. 81 days. A new record.

One thought on “Clueless in Big Sur, and other business …

  1. Most people seem unaware of the laws. I’m sorry you were invaded yet again. I’ve been reading your blogs, but today was the first day I had the change to comment. I’m finally set up on my laptop while stuck in bed. 😛 – Anyways remember i’m thinking of you and everyone down there. 🙂

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