Chalk Fire, Night 4: Air Show

There were several planes and a spotter up this afternoon. I wish I could post them all, but I need some sleep. I chose this series, as i had the most sequential shots of this run. It was like watching the most orchestrated ballet. It was visual poetry. You pilots put on quite a show. I am grateful I was provided a front row seat. Thank you!!

I got a call today, Thursday, October 2, 2008 from Philip Darnell, who runs these guys out of Paso Robles, who informed me that the gutsy pilot in T-25 is Bill Waldman. What a treat I had, Bill!! Thank you. Also running the same line, doing the same thing in T-23 was another gutsy pilot, Brent Connors. Wow!!

I also got some shots of you guys yesterday laying down line back at McKern Rd. You probably saw me standing up in the bed of a Toyota Pick-up truck, taking pics and waiving? That was me.

5 thoughts on “Chalk Fire, Night 4: Air Show

  1. Super job, Kate!!! This has to be a “classic” sequence of shots… and would make a fire service aviation aficionado drool!

  2. Kate – Thanks for showing me how good my husband looks on the job! With the great Pacific Ocean in the background, this is a first of a kind shot of Bill in his 40-year career.

  3. Amazing sequence! That gutsy pilot Bill Waldman is my uncle and this is the most original shot I’ve seen of him flying.

  4. thanks mike boone for calling in ALL the air suppoet to save our lily whites!!!!! Love from the Baird clan

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