Storm Watch, 11/3/08

6:00 PM – NOAA rain forecast for 4 pm – 10 pm has increased from .38 to .45. I cannot see my rain gauge well enough from inside with my flashlight to be able to report with any accuracy what we’ve gotten in the last 1 and 1/2 hours, but based on what I hear, I would be surprised if it was more than .10. Sorry, I just don’t want to go out in the rain in my warm pjs, unless I hear real pounding! It is COLD up here!

4:30 PM – (.10 for storm; 3.0″ for season)

Had to run to Cambria. On the way home, about an hour ago, it started a steady, but light rain. Rain for this storm is now up to .10 up here at about 3200′. Interestingly, Mining Ridge is reporting .12 inches, but very few other places are reporting rain, other than Jim in San Jose, that is.

Debbie is staying at Rose’s on VERY high ground tonight, thank goodness! Have some additional photos from Debbie about “Blaze to the rescue” which I will try to get a couple up, once I get a few things done in the “real” world, like groceries put away, dogs fed, into my comfy ranch clothes … you know, the usual important things in life!

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