Limekiln is leakin’ …

… rocks and mud. The road has been impacted on and off all morning, as I am sure it will be throughout the winter.  Cal-Trans has been on scene since 6 AM and will continue to monitor every hour. This information obtained from the CHP website. Expect delays! I checked both CHP and Cal-Trans earlier this morning, and neither were reporting problems.

Now, this afternoon, no problems reported.

One thought on “Limekiln is leakin’ …

  1. I think each bit of rain will let nature happen. A few rocks on the road will happen. Kate, thank you for being. You might not remember me,(J.P. Spaghtti) that is not important. Thank yu for being you. We are all just us. I have only begun t9 look at the worldwide web and of couse the first thing i called was the Jade Feest and it is a good thing. I know you have better things to do than read my message so bye for now.

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