Storm Watch, 11/9/08

Even though it may be gray and dismal, the colors of the forest are always so vivid after a storm.


7 AM – I received .20 inches last night. The first “real” rain hit me at 10:40 PM, last night – a quick, but loud and rigorous cloud burst, fortunately, very short, and then I woke at 4 AM to more rain. 

Still checking data. Seems Chew’s Ridge got .48 inches. Mining Ridge data is missing. Highland’s Peak, behind Big Creek is only reporting .08 inches, and the Big Sur River flow did not increase significantly, so this one is past. 4-5 months left to go, and counting. No rain predicted for this week.

The Grange Committee has decided to close the Grange for the winter due to potential flood problems. They will be working to protect the Grange during winter storms.

10:00 AM – the sun gave up. It is just gray, cold, and windy up here, and it looks to remain that way throughout the day. Sometimes, during the winter though, I get a condensation cloud that sits up here, and it could be sunny on the coast, and I would not know it, unless I drove down the mountain, which I do not plan to do.

NOON – Slight additional rain is being reported in the Carmel/Northern Big Sur regions in the last hour, so we may NOT be quite done, yet.

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