Jade Festival Photos, Part 3

Here are a few more from the 17th Annual Jade Festival:

dsc_9381Belly Dancers performing for a packed crowd

dsc_9369A Matt Glassby creation (BTW, sorry I did not get the color on this quite right.)

dsc_9320Warren Doyle of the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade speaks to a visitor.

dsc_9319Syd Carr, Music Director, Big Sur Jade Festival


3 thoughts on “Jade Festival Photos, Part 3

  1. Thanx for these, Kate. Couldn’t make it this year…nice to see how great it was…as usual! What was the Hawk made of? Stone? Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Love the photos, Kate.

    HEY! That’s ME talking to firefighter Warren Doyle!! (Seriously!)

    — Daryl

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