Hot Sunday

For all you weather watchers out there, my temperature gauge now reads 90 degrees! This is January, for goodness sakes! Whatever vegetation moisture we had, is fast drying up!!

This is a good time for a little reminder from one of the members of the BSVFB:

On another note, we have been having some issue with folks and their backyard burns.
Residents need to understand that burns MUST be put out at night and attended all day. As we already know, we had a significant fire in December right after a rain day. Last year, a burn pile re-ignited after smoldering for nearly 2 weeks. burning an acre in the middle of the night. A can of fireplace ashes caused a dumpster fire in a local campground that scorched trees and ground even though it was RAINING. The risk is out there and worse than ever, so we must pay attention. Dead and dry brush is still vulnerable. Burns MUST be out and cold by dark.

One thought on “Hot Sunday

  1. Oh Kate! It is currently 71 with 20% humidity at my house near Pfeiffer Beach and a wind out of the East. All I can hope is that every burn pile is soaking wet and cold and that each and every cigarette butt is well stomped. This is prime fire weather and so very dangerous.

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