2 thoughts on “Flare up

  1. Don’t laugh Kate, but i’ve got to say this…


    How can there still be flareups months later and after several good rain storms? Mother nature never fails to amaze me.

  2. The real reason: flare ups happen when conditions are right, IE dry air (20% humidity), winds are up (gusts to 20mph out of the east) and fuel is present (hollow stumps fallen leaves, new grass that dies from drought, trees that die from fire stress). I have noted many pines that have died that survived the fires unburned but the resulting stress has killed them, creating more standing and fallen fuels. The same can be said for burn piles not raked over or cigarettes tossed out of windows. The rains so far have not been soaking (over 1 inch per event). To be effective they have to be accompanied by higher humidity to decrease fire danger. Remember that on Valentines Day last year we had the Hermitage fire that burned on a misty wet night. It happens. Fire season is all year now. Be FIRE SAFE in all you do.

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