Big Sur Mile Markers

After Stan sent out an email last night listing the road closure on the south at Rocky Creek, MM 12, when there is no Rocky Creek down here, I realized that most of the North Coasters don’t know the South Coast very well, and particularly all the names of all the previous slide locations like we do.

Jim Kimball, a l-o-n-g time South Coaster, has a mile-marker listing that is more comprehensive than any I have seen. PLUS he knows Gray Slip, Blue Slide and Duck Pond, and where they are, as we all do down here. (How many of us haven’t been caught in one or all?)

He’s put them together with the highway mile markers for a great resource. It has been added to my Winter Conditions, 2008-2009 links to the right as Big Sur Mile Markers. This way, the next time any announcement comes out giving Mile Markers and approximate landmarks, you can check for yourself the accuracy of the relationship between the landmark and the mile markers. It won’t guarantee that the information provided is accurate, as when Richard at Cal-Trans says he is putting the sign at Willow Creek, when he really means Willow Springs, but, it is a start.

4 thoughts on “Big Sur Mile Markers

  1. Please note that I do not deserve the credit for putting the mile marker page together, all I did was to post it on the web and make a few modifications.

  2. yeah, right. I’ve seen the other mile marker lists, and your modifications are what make it better than the others! You added a lot of detail that, probably, only those on the South Coast would appreciate. I know I do!!

  3. I passed on the information as it was delivered to me by Susana Cruz at Caltrans. The message was the road was closed. You got the message. You can nitpick about what mile marker if that suits you. I had to wake up to answer the phone and move the information through. You should at least be thankful rather than condescending towards me.

  4. I am very thankful, Stan, but completely befuddled by your response, as you will note by my private and public response. I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but when Susana Cruz told you MM 12 was at Rocky Creek on the south, you did not understand that we have no Rocky Creek down here, and that Rocky Creek is north of Bixby Creek, and thus could not ask her for clarification. Even if she woke me from a dead sleep (at 8:30 at night?) I would have questioned that. I am not trying to be “condescending” toward you, just recognizing your limitations. I am simply requesting accurate information, or an acknowledgement of error when providing inaccurate information, neither of which you were willing to do.

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