Sunday Brunch at Deetjen’s


Sunday Brunch at Deetjen’s, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

Wonderful day, yesterday, out and about in Big Sur. Still a chance of rain today, but it is definitely feeling as if we are shed of winter, and spring is here. Got a few shots of some of the native wildflowers that are showing their colors I will upload when I can. I love the way the light spotlights some of the flowers. Great brunch with a couple of great friends!

Doris informs me that Caroline Provost created this wonderful arrangement!

One thought on “Sunday Brunch at Deetjen’s

  1. Beautiful flowers and pic! I sure could use one of Gpa’ Deetjen’s homemade soups right about now. Despite what alot of people thought about him way back when and his heavy drinking, he still was a very caring man & great cook. 🙂

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