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  1. I am hoping someone can identify these planes for me. I am way too rusty from my aviation days!!

  2. We’ve got the P-51s (I knew that, but they looked a little small for P-51s), just need the identity of the biplane.

  3. Such a beautiful formation and lovely tribute to your friend.

    These are makes of sport planes; I’m just guessing, but checking a Reno Air Race program—looks like the single wings are something like Cassutts or similar make, the bi-wing maybe a Pitts (swept back wings)?? P-51’s have retractable landing gear, and are much bigger, have a larger 4-bladed prop; very distinctive profile with large tail.

    all planes are beautiful, aren’t they?

  4. The little biplane is identified as an S-2B Pitts and is featured on the cover and inside of the March 2009 issue of In Flight USA. I believe the 3 monoplanes are Extra 300’s or another version of Walter Extra’s aerobatic designs. One of them has no sweepback to the wing leading edge, which makes it a little different from the other two. They are too big to be Cassutts, and too small to be P-51’s. All of them have a fixed landing gear, which is typical for competition aerobatic airplanes. And of course the P-51 has a retractable gear, as Sue mentioned above.

  5. Well, absent a shout out from the pilots themselves, Bob G. is my expert. He has been flying longer than I’ve been alive, and really knows his stuff. So, I would go with his identifications. Thanks, Bob — my step-dad, and the one who introduced me to flying at a young age!! You are the best!!

  6. Kate,

    My dad is Jim Cheatham. Cheryl forwarded me this link. I am so happy that you have shared these amazing photos of such a special tribute to my father.

    Thank you so much,

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