I have an orphan

Four or five days ago, my feral cat had kittens in my old, non-running Rover. I thought it was a good, safe place, but for whatever reason, Mama did not, and moved the kittens. All but one. When it had been alone for six hours, with no sign of mama, I rescued it. Mocha is living in a box with me, being bottle-fed. The one and only time I tried this before, I wasn’t successful, but I did not have the special milk nor bottles then. I do now. Maybe I will succeed this time. Maybe not. maintaining the 90 degree temperature required is impossible. All I can do is keep her covered up, and hope.

2 thoughts on “I have an orphan

  1. Kate, the little kitten is blessed and so are you. We adopted a cat that was left to roam when a neighbor moved away.
    Our “kitty” has turned out to be the finest pet to ever grace our family home.
    She is smart, playful and more reliable than an alarm clock.
    If your new friend turns out to be a mouser she will more than pay her freight.

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