One thought on “Weekend Storm System

  1. I successfully raised 4 babies that were only a day old when I found them, or I should say my dog found them. I kept them in a box covered with a thick towel. Microfiber would probably be good as is is lightweight, soft, and holds heat well, even if it gets damp, which it will! Of course my four had each other for warmth. I took them EVERYWHERE with me, often times stopping at the side of the road to feed them. I also have what I call “Kitty mommy”, she is a stuffed cat, lying on her side in the classic nursing pose for them to curl up with. If she seems cold, do what we do in EMS for hypothermia patients, give her skin to skin contact! Put her under your shirt on your bare chest, maybe if your bra isn’t too tight you could tuck her in there! Just don’t roll over on her. Also don’t forget to do all the Mama things, like stimulating her bladder and bowels by “licking” her with a damp, warm towel on her butt and be sure to “wash” her like mama would with a damp washcloth, and be sure to rub her tummy, it helps keep them from becoming constipated! Good luck and may the kitty gods b with you.

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