State Park & the Budget

I just got this email from a friend, and thought I should post this here.

“Hi Kate,
I was just listening to and the Budget Conference Session. The State Parks was on the agenda and a decision has not been made. LAO is all in favor of closing parks but there was quite a lot of support from the Assembly Members to not close all state parks. Would you be so kind as to put the word out there that they have not made a decision yet, but to get folks to write to the Assembly Members, Legislative Representatives and to the Governor to not close all state parks? Some of the ideas that were thrown around was to take some funding from Off Highway Vehicle Parks that are funded through three different sources. Another idea from Assembly Member Leno was to take $9.00 from DMV fees to offset costs (like Laird wanted to do). Anyway, I wrote and sent letters to Sen. Maldonado, Assembly Member Monning and yes, even the Governor.

This little community would be devastated if all parks on the coast closed.”

It would a be a nice time for all of us to do the same, and write to our legislature and let them know what we think.

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