A spate of winter-like weather

Normally, in June, I can look down on the fog. Not the last few days. Low clouds have been hanging over me as if it were winter. I want to put my comforter back on the bed, but alas, I packed it away for the summer. Of course, this will help delay fire season, so it is all good.

I have been trying to upload a photo all morning, and no luck. I give up.
New Shelf

Well, finally. Not one I would normally post, but …
This is my new storage shelf, 2 ft. deep. Soon I will have baskets, old trunks, and old suitcases to store stuff in up there. I’ll take another, once I have it organized as I want.

That’s my comforter up in the corner, out of reach, naturally. I had a tall person place it up there, and now need a ladder or another really tall person to get it down!! Any real tall volunteers? Just kidding. I’ll survive.

Now that I can post photos again, I just can’t stop.
Maybe I should have replaced the lavender before I shot this? And dusted.


Can you tell I am a knick knack collector?? It’s a addiction. I need an intervention.

2 thoughts on “A spate of winter-like weather

  1. First… thanks for the healing enegry! Next… NO nicnackie intervention for you! Who am i supposed to pass all of mine when I can’t take them with me to the new house? Dani doesn’t want them. LOL

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