BSCWPP Meeting

The meeting is tonight, 7/8/09 from 7-9 pm at the South Coast Community Center. A similar meeting is scheduled for the North Coast tomorrow night.

From Joyce, she writes:

There is a meeting here tonight at PV school and one tomorrow night at the state park. I hope that many locals will attend.
My point of view on last year’s fires:
I know that on the second day of what became known as the Basin Complex Fire, Don Case’s house and his daughter’s house burned down on Stone Ridge, along with two other homes. A mandatory evacuation had been enforced.
No one, including the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Department, was allowed up the road. Don’s son and son-in-law got around the road-block and were able to save some photos, some tools, and some of Don’s paintings, before they were ordered off the hill. Everything else burned and melted.
I know that some of our neighbors and friends defied the law and stayed to fight the fire. They saved not just their own homes, but, as a result, the rest of Big Sur. Had they not made a stand and risked arrest and incarceration, the Fire would have won.
The Chalk Fire on the southcoast had different people in charge and they respected the will of the locals and allowed them to fight for their homes.
I urge you all to attend this meeting and have a voice in the way this community responds to disaster. Protect our rights to protect our property!