Big Sur Wildfire Protection Plan

Last night’s meeting was attended by about a dozen people.

There was a presentation of the process itself, answering questions along the way. The goal is to produce a planning level document which prioritizes wildfire protection strategies, using finite resources, and protecting targeted resources.

This planning document is to be much more detailed about what is on/under/around “target areas” than the Monterey County Wildfire Protection Plan, but consistent with it, and the later will be incorporated by reference into the Monterey County General Plan.

Thirty-seven “target” areas between Andrew Molera State Park in the north, and the San Luis Obispo County line were identified. These target areas incorporate private property parcels into “blocks.”

“For this level of planning it is conditions within, and adjacent to, these ownership blocks that will be for the focus of the information analysis and prioritization procedure.

With respect to future fuels modification project the focus will be primarily on:
– Ridge tops
-Upper mid-slope positions, and;

The project actively solicits community input,both through public meetings and written comments. If you wish to submit written comments, you may do so to: or in writing to:

Big Sur Community Wildfire Protection Plan
s/c Daus Environmental Services
P.O. Box 71058
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you may submit your emailed comments to me, at, and I will forward them on after removing any identifying information.

If you have any thoughts you wish to share about the process, the plan, the objectives and goals, now is the time to submit them.

A follow-up meeting will be held for the South Coast on July 29th from 7-9 pm. At that meeting a tentative rough draft as to locations and content will be available.

The Big Sur Land Trust is funding and underwriting these efforts.

Lavender Coast

I have to get my notes together, and write a summary of the Wildfire Protection Plan meeting last night … I have the photos of the Ripplewood/Library garden to upload to my computer … I have to work, but am distracted by the beautiful summer day … but in the meantime, here is a stunning watercolor sent to me by the art teacher at Pacific Valley School, Dave Allen. I am going to use it as my banner for a while, as it is just so beautiful.
lavender sunset2