Unofficial Fire Watch

Soaring isn’t here any more. No “official” fire watchers exist. I am here and care. So, I watch.

I came up tonight to note a “huge” group at Hard Rocks driveway. Partying. Young kids need a place to party that is safe. As long as they have no campfire. So, I see about 8 to 12 vehicles parked at Hard Rocks.I must come out after dark and check. Is that a light or is it a fire? We luck out. No campfire, and I don’t need to call it in. I check Prewitt Ridge, Willow Creek, and all the areas I can see for campfires. None. Good Friday Night.

Tough, being on Top O’ the World.

One thought on “Unofficial Fire Watch

  1. Sometimes the responsibility falls to we, ourselves, regardless of whether it “should” or not. Kudos to you, Kate, for rising to the occasion!! I go through that here with being prepared for tornados, heat, and other extreme weather, and the insect carried diseases that happen here(a round of West Nile Virus each Summer)…have to take precautions and not wait for ‘someone else’ to take care of it. Good luck…my thoughts are with all my friends out West with the fire season upon you.

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