Smoke on Horizon

The problem with living “On Top o’ the World,” is I see everything. There is smoke drift, particularly visible at sunset, although I saw it earlier this afternoon, too.

Last I heard, earlier this afternoon, the fire on the NV/CA border, up by Reno was about 7K acres. I also read about several new fires down in LA County, and of a new fire between Lookwood and San Ardo. (seems to have been contained in rapid fashion.)

I’ve purused all my usual sources, and find nothing to explain it. I am working late tonight so that I can attend the BSVFB Muster/BBQ/Retirement Party tomorrow.

Maybe the million acres that have burned in AK this month have finally made it down this far, or the Backbone in the Trinity Alps, or the Redrock/Trailer complex up by Reno. But I can’t smell smoke, so I will continue working, and see some of you tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Smoke on Horizon

  1. A bus caught fire on the I-5 near Castaic and exploded; the fire went straight up the hill, of course. There were already fire crews a couple of miles away fighting a small blaze, so they were able to get a crew over fairly fast. I think they have it contained or out, now.

  2. Hope it is nothing close to you. The smoke is not as bad here today. Although the fires are still burning. They typically burn all summer and die on there own in the fall. We could use some of that fog Big Sur has. Gonna be another wonderful day here in Alaska. Take care.

  3. Yeah, I read about the bus near Castaic, Kage. And Roger, no indication it is close to us. Do wonder if it is drift from all yours. A million acres so far this summer? Wow.

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